Our Mission

The Colorado Center for Civic Learning and Engagement (C3LE) is a nonprofit nonpartisan education organization. The primary goal of C3LE is to promote civic education programs in Colorado schools. We achieve this goal by providing professional development workshops for teachers, support materials for classrooms, and civic events for students.

C3LE currently acts as the Colorado state coordinator for three national civics programs: the We The People constitutional law program, the Project Citizen civic action program, and Street Law, Inc. community deliberations.

Learning Opportunity

The Ginsburg Scalia Initiative, project provided by Attorney General Phil Weiser to advance a culture of respectful engagement towards one another, particularly towards those with whom we disagree. Includes a short documentary that follows four Coloradans with different political views as they engage in thoughtful and personal discussions as part of the Unify Challenge for Colorado. High School lesson plans use the documentary as a jumping off point for civil discourse practice in the classroom