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Promoting Civic Education in Colorado's K-12 Schools.

Resources: National Civic Education

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Center for Civic Education

iCivics | Free Lesson Plans and Games for Learning Civics

Street Law, Inc. 

Streetlaw At Home Learning

Deliberation Materials from Streetlaw Deliberation materials on numbers of topics. The ESL lessons can be very helpful for priming  students to talk, have empathy, and listen to each other.

Street Law Deliberation Article in EdWeek 

Civic Online Reasoning Students are confused about how to evaluate online information. We all are. The COR curriculum provides free lessons and assessments that help you teach students to evaluate online information that affects them, their communities, and the world. Check out a one page guide from Stanford’s Sam Weinberg Digital Hacks 

Engaging in Civil Discourse about Continuous Issues Extensive list of resources from Maine’s Dept of Ed

Constructive Dialogue Institute

Educating for American Democracy: Home


Education Commision for the States Ed Policy Search

Public Agenda


Choices: Teaching with the News


American Bar Association Lessons and Materials

NCSS Resources for Teaching About Racism, Racial Injustice, and Human Rights

Crash Course: US Government and Politics Includes videos on policy

Teaching Controversial Topics from NewseumThe Newseum has many excellent civic education resources 

How to Teach Controversial Topics and Civil Debate from Civic Renewal

Sparking Robust Classroom Discussions: Do This, Avoid That 

Teaching Controversial Topics

Deep Dive: Educating for Democracy Video Collection from Teaching Channel and Civic Engagement Research Group

Digital Civics Toolkit The Toolkit explores a range of civic opportunities and dilemmas via 5 modules focused on: Exploring Community Issues, Investigation, Dialogue, Voice, and Action.

Everyday Democracy What does it mean to you? After participants have responded, cluster by likeness, and look for policy connections and/or themes that relate to citizen action.

ArcGIS GeoInquires see Government

StoryMap Gallery Search a topic to see what has been developed. Always expanding. Story maps could be sued to present a PC Portfolio or enhance one

Using Esri Policy Maps in Education

Peacejam Issues and Projects, Thinking Big, Starting Small  A framework for thinking about issues.PeaceJam’s curricula and to download samples of PeaceJam’s instructional material click here

John Zola’s Teaching Strategies Colorado Educator shares Civic and Social Studies Best Practices

Civics Renewal Network – A Republic, If We Can Teach It Links to recent research and lots of k-12 educational resources

Constitutional Rights Foundation: Home K-12 Constitutional Rights Foundation Lessons Los Angeles 

CRFC Program Transitions K-12 Constitutional Rights Foundation Resources Chicago

Teaching Civics K-12 Civics Education Resources based in Minnesota

Teaching Human Rights

Bill of Rights Institute

Peter Levine Civics Education Blog

Political Typology Quiz Political Typology Pew Institute

Florida Joint Center for Citizenship

Electoral Dysfunction

Newseum K-12 resources for teaching civics and current events

Abota, American Trial Lawyers

Teaching American History  Find Documents

Annenberg Classroom – Resources For Excellent Civics Education

Constitution, What it Says, What it Means

Engaging Congress: Indiana University

Center on Representative Government

Public Education

United States Courts   Educational Resources

National Constitution Center

Youth Leadership Initiative

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Mikva Challenge   Project Soapbox

Discovering Justice – Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders

National Council for the Social Studies

C-SPAN Deliberations

Voting and Election Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities

NJ Center For Civic Ed

International Debate Education Association (IDEA)

Choices Program | History and Current Issues Curriculum for the Classroom

Civil Rights

Edlink Government Sites

What does democracy mean to you?

Democracy Web 



Kid Voting USA

Ben’s Guide To the US Government

Education Commission of the States – Your Education Policy Team

Common Sense Government online text from Certell

OER Open Source Gov textbooks

Eagle-Eye Citizen A Civics/History Game from the Library of Congress

Engaging Congress: Indiana University interactive game that uses primary source documents to explore the basic tenets of representative government and the challenges they face in contemporary society.