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Resources: Teaching Local Government

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Lessons on Local Government K-12 Lessons focused on local government in CO

History Colorado K-12 programs and online resources

GeoCivics focused on redistricting and issues where Civics and Geography intersect.

Colorado Judicial Learning Center Offers tours, online lessons, games, focused on the justice system in Colorado

Our Courts Colorado 6-12 video and live presentations about how the courts function 

Educational Resources – Courts in the Community

Colorado Government Home

National Conference of State Legislatures: Legislative News, Studies and Analysis

Anti-Defamation League | Mountain States | Serving Colorado, New Mexico & Wyoming 

Colorado Municipal League  see Topics & Key Issues

Colorado Local Government Handbook Serves as a resource guide on the role & responsibilities of local governments, including counties, municipalities, special districts, and school districts.

Active Local Governments by Type   and   CO Local Governments 

Special District Association of Colorado

Chalkbeat Colorado CO education news

Colorado Newspapers

Colorado Sun

Denver Post Your Hub

Colorado Encyclopedia see Digital Collections and Themes, &  CO Constitution 

Colorado Virtual Library

Colorado League of Women Voters

Independence Institute

Center for the Study of Government and the Individual UCCS

Pew Center for State and Local Government 

American Communities Project Categorize county maps with stories

What Works Cities – What Works Cities shares stories from cities that work.

Federal, State, & Local Governments Main Page – Business & Industry – US Census Bureau Census  information on the structure and powers of state and local governments and economic data.

Council of State Governments publishes wide-ranging information on state government including the Book of the States, an annual review that provides scholarly studies on recent developments for each branch of state government.

Governing an online magazine on state and local government, politics, and policy

Institute for Local Self-Reliance Key Studies: Why Local Matters Provides strategies and information for environmentally sound and equitable community development.

Initiative and Referendum Institute at the University of Southern California Elections results, articles, and working papers for current and previous years for state and local initiatives and referendums.

National Governors Association represents the governors of the 50 states. Site includes a variety of online policy position statements & background publications. 

National Institute on Money in State Politics a nonpartisan organization that aggregates and makes available campaign finance information from all fifty states. 

National League of Cities  Site collects guides, toolkits, policy analyses, research reports, and additional resources such as Cities 101 with summaries on municipal government & challenges facing American cities.

Route Fifty Daily source of state and local news

State and Local Government Review: SAGE Journals, this quarterly journal publishes articles on state and local government politics, policy, and management.

Statelocal The center submits briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of state and local governments. 

State Innovation Exchange Policy research organization providing state legislative policy proposals.

State Policy Network Federation of 65 free market think tanks.

Stateline News, research, and analysis on the U.S. states with annual features on the State of the States for the current year and a Legislative Review for the previous year.

Stateside AssociatesThis Week in the States reports state government news and information on a weekly basis.

United States Conference of Mayors Association representing large-cities and their mayors with occasional reports relating to federalism from an urban perspective.

Urban Institute Conducts a wide range of federal, state, and local policy research relating to urban, metropolitan, and broad social and fiscal issues